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The Future of Service is 5D

Why humans serve best in the digital era

Welcome to the future of 5D service leadership and employee and customer engagement.

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The Future of Service is 5D

An eminent voice for service leadership, Jaquie Scammell has tackled the hard question of what the service needs to look like in the digital age. Her enlightened approach uses 5 core dimensions and this enables the concepts to be treated as focus areas or part of a wholistic service leadership pathway.

The actionable tools within the book make it a valuable resource for every aspiring and current service leader.

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About the author

Jaquie Scammell

Jaquie is an award-winning author, a keynote speaker and thought-leader in the field of service and is the CEO and founder of ServiceQ. She is passionate about growing the 5D service movement and making it transcend all barriers and be meaningful to all.

Jaquie Scammell’s The Future of Service is 5D powerfully presents an innovative and transformative approach that integrates physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and spiritual components into an optimal, human-centered service model. This book is essential for anyone looking to blend technology and human service harmoniously. What are you waiting for?

Joseph Michelli
Ph.D. Professor of Service Excellence and New York Times #1 bestselling author of books like The Starbucks Experience, The Zappos Experience, Driven to Delight, and Prescription for Excellence.

We imagine a world where organisations thrive, people serving people feel fulfilled, weaving a tapestry of connectedness that binds humanity together.

We believe the best way to build this world is to rekindle the spirit of service and commit to building it together one customer at a time.

Welcome to the 5D Service Movement!

What is the 5D Service Movement

Hear from our founder, Jaquie Scammell, on the 5d Service Movement

5D service is a new paradigm that brings quintessential human qualities of service back into the limelight. It integrates 5 dimensions -physical, cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual into a human service approach.

Discover the 5 dimensions that are fundamental to service success

There are many ways to reimagine service in your business, com­munity and the world. What is important to know is that service is multidimensional because we humans are multidimensional.

Join the 5D Service movement

We are looking for businesses and leaders to be part of our community who are genuinely customer-focussed, believe leading is serving, recognise the human dimensions of service and are committed to strengthening their service skills, not just for better profits but for a better planet.

The 5D Service community will

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